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Bathtub and Showers

Clovis Tubs & Tile Refinishing specializes in getting old bathtubs showers and counter tops looking brand new with our specialized refinishing technique. If you are remodeling your bathroom and want to change the color of your bathtub, or if your tub or shower is starting to show its age, call Clovis Tub & Tile Refinishing today. Not only does refinishing look just as good as a brand new tub or shower, but it saves you money too!


Replacing kitchen and bathroom countertops can be an expensive home upgrade. Allow Clovis Tub & Tile Refinishing to assist in your next bathroom or kitchen remodeling project by refinishing your counter tops. Refinished counter tops can look just as good as replacing at just a fraction of the cost while at the same time offering a wide array of choices.
We can create “Stone Accent Counter tops,” which have the accents and look of granite, but costs much less. We have many colors to choose from; please feel free to view our available colors on the link below. In addition to being able to apply a stone color coat to your counter tops, we have a clear coat which we apply in a high gloss or satin finish to complete the transformation of your kitchen.